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The Neck Stabilizer is a revolutionary training device for improving neck health and reducing pain and neurological symptoms associated with cervical spine dysfunction. It utilizes a novel resistance training mechanism (patent pending) that allows you to target all of the neck muscles, including the deep stabilizers, and strengthen the entire neck.

The Neck Stabilizer consists of a detachable frame that mounts to wall brackets to provide a rigid structure for connecting the head harness via resistance bands.

The head harness offers omni directional resistance to head motion for the user that enables them to activate a variety of muscles within the neck depending on their posture and the direction of head movement.

Purpose of Neck Stabilizer

1. Rehabilitate neck injuries

It helps in rehabilitating neck injuries, specifically ones that result in cervical spine ligament damage and instability (e.g. whiplash)

2. Reduce pain and neurological symptoms

By addressing muscle imbalances and correcting vertebral alignment, Neck Stabilizer helps in reducing pain and neurological symptoms.

3. Prevent neck and head injuries

By strengthening neck muscles, including both stabilizers and prime movers, the device helps in preventing neck and head injuries.

Features of Neck Stabilizer

1. Omni Directional Resistance

By using the device, you can exercise different muscle groups in the neck depending on head motion without adjusting the device or changing positions.

2. Multiple resistance levels

The device offers appropriate resistance for users of various capabilities and graduating strength levels by accommodating interchangeable resistance bands of different stiffness.

3. Adjustable Mounting Height

Neck stabilizer can accommodate users of different heights with 8 different mounting positions on the wall brackets.

4. Collapsible

Storage of the device is not a problem as you can store it conveniently and securely when not in use in an orientation parallel to the wall using the release knob.